Dr. Toast - "The Entanglement EP" (2008)
posted March 25, 2008

The Entanglement EP

Released simultaneously with "The Wave Function", these are four tracks of evolving textures with skronked-up basslines and slow, funky breakbeats - harder-edged than what's on the album, but still with the right amount of bliss factor dialed in. You can download it now at the new False Profit Records minisite at Addictech in high-quality MP3 or lossless FLAC/WAV formats - falseprofit.addictech.com, or you can download MP3s at CD Baby, or download from iTunes in m4a format ("iTunes Plus").

"SKRONKED!!! Can't get over it. Makes my synaesthesia so happy, don't even know where to begin... :)" - Galit Sorokin

01. Logico 7:04 listen/buy
02. Skronked 4:40 listen/buy
03. Tvashtar 5:17 listen/buy
04. Grounded 6:04 listen/buy

4 tracks - 23min 01sec - buy from addictech.com, buy from cdbaby.com