About Dr. Toast

Based in San Francisco, James Reynolds has been composing and performing original electronic music since 2003. James received his degree in music from the University of California at Berkeley with an emphasis in computer music and ethnomusicology. Since then, he has developed a distinctive sound, built upon his studies and influenced by composers and artists such as Phillip Glass, Claude Debussy, Boards of Canada, Underworld, and Portishead, as well as many friends and collaborators in San Francisco's underground electronic music scene. The result is a new sound that blends crisp syncopated rhythms, ethereal synthesized textures, warm analog basslines, and emotive melodies. To his fans, his music is as at home in chill rooms and yoga studios as it is on dance floors.

As Dr. Toast, James released his debut album, "Oz So Late" in 2004 in a limited run that quickly sold out. Releases that followed on False Profit Records include "The Wave Function" (2008), "The Entanglement EP" (2008), "False Sunrise" (2011) and "Gravity is Quiet" (2011). His music may be found on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and other online stores.

Dr. Toast has performed live at the Burning Man festival in Nevada each year since 2004, as well as at San Francisco venues including 1015 Folsom, Slims, and California Academy of Sciences. He also performs at underground events produced by crews such as False Profit Inc., Space Cowboys, and Dub Beautiful Collective. He has collaborated musically with The Polish Ambassador, Ganucheau, and David Last.

Dr. Toast's music has also been featured in independent films such as "Dead Dad", in the science journal Nature, and in videos by yoga instructor Megan Currie.

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